The Euroguidance Network

October 2009

In this edition:

Euroguidance services for guidance practitioners

The Euroguidance Network offers guidance practitioners many services in the field of lifelong guidance and international mobility. Guidance practitioners can make use of the services for instance when seeking information on education opportunities abroad or guidance systems in european countries.
The transnational Euroguidance Network, with contact points in more than 30 European countries, offers expertise and services in many different ways relating to the international dimension in guidance.

The international dimension in guidance can be divided into two different categories – one is related to the ability among guidance counsellors to guide pupils and students to studies and placements abroad and the other is related to competence development of guidance practitioners themselves.

International guidance


PLOTEUS is a European Web Portal on Learning Opportunities that aims to help students, job seekers, workers, parents, guidance counsellors and teachers to find information about studying in different countries in Europe. On, users can search information under the following categories:
  • Learning opportunities
  • Education systems
  • Exchanges and grants
  • Moving to a country
  • Contacts
The possibility to ask questions from an expert advisor in each country through the portal is an useful service that guidance counsellors can promote to their clients. Members of the Euroguidance network answer questions generated through the portal and keep the content updated.

Enquiry service

Do you as a guidance counsellor get difficult questions about studies abroad from you clients? Many of the Euroguidance centres run an enquiry service especially for guidance staff, where you can get help with answering such tricky questions.

The Euroguidance staff receives enquiries both from guidance counsellors within their own borders and from practitioners in other countries.  This is a unique service where guidance counsellors, through their own Euroguidance centre, can get answers from specialists in different countries. Contact information to any of the centres can be found on Euroguidance website. Just click on the language of your choice and then choose “About Euroguidance” and “All Euroguidance centres”.

The Projects and Practice Database

The Projects and Practice Database is a service that lies in between the two categories of international guidance and competence development. Here guidance counsellors can find tools that can be used in their daily work, but also inspiration and ideas for projects, where guidance staff from different countries have the opportunity to cooperate in order to exchange ideas and develop methods and practices.

In addition, projects can also be used to organise exchange activities or periods of education and training abroad for pupils and students. The Projects and Practise Database is an integrated part of the Euroguidance website.

Competence development


Guidenet provides an opportunity for guidance practitioners in different countries to get in touch with each other, discuss work related topics and/or find project partners. Guidenet was originally a Leonardo da Vinci project, but is now a part of the Euroguidance website.

This tool constitutes an easy way for guidance counsellors to get in touch with colleagues in other countries, without any expensive travels. Guidenet is free to use, you simply need to register.

Description of the guidance systems in Europe

Are you interested in what kind of educational background the guidance staff in Estonia has? Would you like to know more about guidance research in France or online guidance in Sweden? In that case, descriptions of guidance systems is the right place to look!

The Euroguidance website is the only place, where detailed descriptions of the guidance systems in each country can be found.

Events calendar

Taking part in an international conference or an event organised in another country is a good way of developing your competences. Participation gives not only the input from an interesting conference or seminar programme, but also a possibility to meet colleagues from other countries. 

In the Euroguidance events calendar you can get knowledge about guidance related events all around Europe. Some of these events are possible to attend, whereas some events are solely national, but might serve as inspiration and present good ideas.

Do you have news?

Euroguidance Newsletter is the latest addition to the common Euroguidance services. It gives information on recent happenings in the area of guidance in different countries in Europe as well as within EU policy. If you have ideas for the Newsletter or would like to contribute with some material, you are welcome to send us an e-mail to the address on the front page of each newsletter.

Guidance counsellors who in one way or another are interested in the international dimension in guidance are welcome to contact the Euroguidance Network. Whether you want to find contact information of a colleague in Hungary or answer a question about international opportunities from a client or take part in a transnational guidance project, the Euroguidance Network can be of help! Apart from the common Network services, mentioned here, each single Euroguidance centre offers a range of other activities and support actions.

Nina Ahlroos
Euroguidance Sweden