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April 2010

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Interview with Professor Tony Watts

Tony Watts
Professor Tony Watts was asked about his vision regarding development of career guidance in the coming years:

“I think the vision must be lifelong guidance, ranging from early learning in primary school to supporting older workers in active aging and managing their transition out of the labour market. I also believe in the strengths of all-age services and in the transformational potential of ICT”.

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Finnish and Estonian counsellors: Learning from each other about mobility

groupworkIn 2009, 19 guidance counsellors from Estonia and Finland took part in a training organised by the Euroguidance centres of these countries. The topic of the training was “Innovative guidance methods to support mobility”.

In addition to looking into these methods, the training aimed to support networking between counsellors, to familiarize them with the current guidance issues in the two countries, and to strengthen their professional identity vis-à-vis guidance in mobility issues.

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