The Euroguidance Network

April 2010

In this edition:

e-Counselling in Slovenia

e-Counselling is offered by the Employment Service of Slovenia and is a free service, available at

Its objectives are that users are able to:
  • use various tools for self-assessment
  • investigate work possibilities and set reachable job goals
  • learn and use job-finding skills
  • make use of data on vacancies and the labour market.
Users can browse through the application by suggested steps or freely according to their needs. There are two additional services available for registered users:
  • my folder for saving test results, selected interesting occupations, plan of activities, etc.
  • a personal e-counsellor, who provides help with possible obstacles and decisions on the employment path
The e-counselling service is structured in 4 main modules: Self-assessment, Employment goals, Skills for finding job and the Labour market.

In the first module Self-assessment users can evaluate themselves: interests, characteristics and competences with help of information, guidance and several questionnaires.

The second module is Employment goals. Exploring the employment opportunities where there are 4 possible methods of search:
  • types of work
  • education
  • Holland’s types (user can explore his/her employment goals through interests)
  • standard classification of occupations. Euroguidance Slovenia participated mainly in this section and prepared the database with descriptions of occupations.
The third module Job-finding skills helps users to recognize the importance of proactive job search and provides information and learning activities that reinforce development of competences in 4 basic areas:
  1. how to search for a job
  2. applying for a job
  3. job interview 
  4. planning and follow-up
The fourth module Labour Market enables job seekers to explore the labour market, helps to define their employment plans, verify them and provides selected data to the Employment Service of Slovenia’s staff. Users can search in a job vacancies’ database (employers have a legal obligation to register all job vacancies) and find statistical data about job vacancies for specific occupation or education.

In the future e-counselling may be connected to European databases Eures and Ploteus as well as Slovenian web portal My choice

Staša Bučar Markič and Sabina Škarja MSc, Employment Service of Slovenia