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October 2010

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National Career Week in Poland

- An initiative of the Polish Association of School and Vocational Counsellors

The first national career week in Poland was a big success and  enthusiastically welcomed by guidance counsellors. The second career week will be held on 18-22nd October 2010.

Poland Career week

National Career Week (NCW) was held for the first time in October 2009, and second NCW will be on 18-22 October 2010. Both are held under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The Ministers have promoted the idea in their institutions and organisations.

The objectives of the first NCW were
  • cooperation of people and institutions focused on promoting career guidance
  • mutual support in exchanging information and the promotion of the guidance services
  • building local partnerships
  • getting citizens used to the habit of using guidance services and
  • improving the quality and increasing the standards of guidance services.
Małgorzata Pater, the Vice President of SDSiZ (Polish Association of School and Vocational Counsellors) says the idea of career week was enthusiastically welcomed by career counsellors. Throughout the week, 997 activities were carried out. All activities promoted and supported guidance counselling. These included
  • workshops and training courses
  • competitions
  • trips
  • exhibitions & education fairs
  • on-line chats
  • meetings with successful people at their workplaces
  • presentations of hobbies
  • meetings with employers
  • open days in institutions where everyone could do a test of interests and vocational preferences and
  • outdoor games.
Career week in Poland

Participants were pupils from kindergartens and schools, along with students form third level education,  unemployed people and those unsure of their career goals.

The week was attended by around 60,000 people; guidance counsellors, local government officials, business professinals, artists and journalists and it created a lot of interest throughout Poland. The SDSiZ is already planning a second such week next year focusing on new solutions in the guidance system.

When asked about the secret about behind the huge success of the guidance week and what other organisations could learn from it Małgorzata Pater replied:

“Most of the NCW events were organised through voluntary involvements guidance counsellors, who are very enthusiastic about guidance and they were able to activate the local community. They organised local partnerships, local coalition, they got the local authorities interested in vocational guidance and demonstrated the social benefits of deliberate career planning. For the first time in Poland, vocational counsellors have shown that they are a large group of professionals!”

For further information on the second NCW 2010, please visit the website:

Anna Dziedzic, Marta Łuczak and Jerzy Bielecki,
Euroguidance Poland (education sector)

The Association of School and Vocational Counsellors of the Republic of Poland (SDSiZ) is a non-governmental organisation. It was registered in 1999, however activities began in 1991. The Association currently has 526 members and is a member of International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance. It promotes the idea of conscious career planning and plays an advocacy role for specialists in the field of vocational guidance dealing with issues of professional counselling in the different departments, institutions and organisations. The SDSiZ also consults the government on draft legislation relating to problems in vocational guidance.