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October 2010

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IAEVG – the worldwide professional community for career guidance

The International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) is the oldest and largest association of career guidance practitioners worldwide. It represents over 16.000 members from more than 50 countries.

The IAEVG was founded in 1951 in Paris and has received international recognition from the UNESCO, the ILO, the Council of Europe and the European Commission for supporting policy development through professional expertise in the field of career guidance and giving a voice to the needs of its users.

Members of the IAEVG are individuals working in the field of educational and vocational guidance, institutions devoted to service delivery and national and regional associations. It is also supported by a wide variety of organisations or institutions including foundations, social partners, Public Employment Services, private companies etc. whose major field of work is not career guidance, but who wish to support guidance efforts and governments seeking to promote quality educational and vocational services.

The IAEVG practices professional leadership and promotes equitable access to quality educational and vocational guidance services through:
  • increased international professional dialogue and exchange
  • rigor in ethical standards, training and ongoing professional development
  • the development of innovative resources and approaches
  • cutting edge research
  • evaluations and accountability measures
  • publishing the widely recognized scientific journal International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance.
Professional dialogue is enhanced by international conferences, symposia and seminars which the IAEVG and its members hold on a regular basis. Forthcoming conferences will be in India (2010), Australia (2011) and South Africa (2011). Benefits of membership include free online access to the Journal and reduced conference fees.

The IAEVG has launched three major projects to improve high quality career guidance:
  • the development of the “IAEVG Ethical Standards” in 1995 which serve as a reference framework for guidance providers and practitioners around the world
  • international research on guidance practitioners’ competences and subsequently the development and adoption of the “International Competences of Guidance Practitioners” by the General Assembly in 2003
  • the establishment of an International Credential: “Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner - EVGP” based on the Ethical Standards and the International Competences where individuals as well as training providers can apply for a credential of their competences or training courses.
More information is on the IAEVG website which is provided in the four official languages of the IAEVG: English, French, Spanish and German:

Karen Schober
Germany, Vice-President of the IAEVG