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April 2011

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Sustainable self-management of careers and competences

The Dutch Euroguidance Center uses the CH-Q training program as a tool for sustainable individual career and competence management. The CH-Q training method has been planned for a small group of people, 8 to 14, and has proved to be of great value in stimulating professional development.

“CH-Q“ stands for "Schweizerisches Qualifikationsprogramm zur Berufslaufbahn“ (Swiss career qualification program) and was founded in 1993 by the Gesellschaft CH-Q in Biel, Switzerland. The main goal is to further the individual development of youth and adults in education and career so as to stimulate professional flexibility and mobility. CH-Q fits very well within the principles of  lifelong learning. 

In 2003 the Dutch Foundation CH-Q NL/B  was established in order to adapt the Swiss qualification program along with a number of pilot projects. Training projects are performed in various fields such as
  • voluntary work
  • women’s re-entrance into the labor market
  • potential drop-outs
  • (preparatory) vocational education
  • career projects in the construction sector
  • public employment services etc.
The Dutch Euroguidance centre also has a broad experience of CH-Q training for careers workers in other European countries.

Advantages and outcomes of CH-Q

Participants will
  • get a better view on their competences
  • be more motivated for their work or study
  • foster their self management of competences and career management and
  • get a positive view on their own qualities.
There are a great many more but it would go beyond this article to name them all.

Photo of CH-Q training
Participants at the CH-Q training

What does the training look like?

The training normally lasts about 6 and half days, with time between the sessions. This allows participants to reflect on their experiences during the training and prepare their homework.

The exercises are about discovering competences, motives and perspectives and relating these discoveries to career and/or personal planning. Many activities are performed through discussions among the participants, i.e. in pairs or in subgroups.

Participants have to deliver a portfolio and a competence biography and an action plan during the training. There is no universal CH-Q training; each one is tailor-made.

Why is CH-Q so successful?

CH-Q fits very well in the new, dynamic approaches of career guidance. It is successful because
  • it starts from the individual’s perspective
  • the approach is positive (discovering qualities)
  • the group dynamics enables participants to learn from each other’s experiences and
  • it supports a sustainable competence culture
to name but a few.

Career counsellors interested in a CH-Q training can contact the Dutch Euroguidance Center to explore the possibilities.

More information:
Peter van Deursen
Euroguidance The Netherlands
+31 6 10825185