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April 2011

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EURODESK - European information for young people

EURODESK offers young people and people working with youth an access to European information, through a network of national coordinators connected to over 900 local information providers and partners in 33 European countries.

Over the past 20 years, EURODESK has grown from a single information project at regional level in Scotland to a Europe-wide network, recognized as a permanent support structure of the EU’s Youth in Action programme.

EURODESK gets information requests such as:
  • “I am seeking a grant for an internship in France".
  • “We are looking for contacts to high schools in the UK".
  • “Urgent: Partner for a youth exchange project in Slovakia needed!”
The topics range from volunteering to working and studying abroad, from how to find European contacts for a youth project to how to getting financial support for it.
EURODESK offers information through different channels and at different levels, from face-to-face information provision given at local youth information centres to highly developed information tools online. EURODESK national and regional information providers and co-operation partners provide among others the following services:
  • Free advice service on European questions
  • Fast access to European information online, including Social Media
  • Specially developed information tools and support for professionals providing European information to young people
  • Training courses for all those who are working with young people
  • Regular publications featuring European information for young people
  • Promotion of European information.
EURODESK also maintains the contents of the European Youth Portal on behalf of the European Commission. You can find more information on EURODESK at
For EURODESK in Austria have a look at

Elisabeth Egger
EURODESK / Austrian Youth Information Centres with support of the EURODESK Brussels Link

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