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April 2011

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E-guidance in focus at a conference in Ljubljana

Changes in the midst of recession are forcing employers, experts in the field of career orientation and job seekers to use new approaches to guidance. E-guidance can be an innovative approach to improve the quality of guidance services and match them with labour market demands. It allows faster, more efficient, and better monitoring of job seekers’ activities. It can also improve the attractiveness and accessibility of guidance services. Counsellors can gain reliable tools and methodological approaches which will enable them to work even more efficiently with the users.

e-guidanceIn the conference, there was a discussion about strengths and weaknesses of using personal counselling and e-counselling. The combination of both is the best approach to counselling.

E-counselling can save time and lower costs - it is great for younger users and those who like an interactive approach to counselling, while storing the client’s important information. Personal counselling on the other hand allows us to transfer information on the spot (and react immediately), listen actively and sense people’s nonverbal communication.

The project

The main focus was on project that aims to equip the counsellors with quality tools and methods. A competence profile for job seekers and an integrated tool for e-counselling have also been created. online is an interactive system with a variety of tools for identification and adaptation of the competences necessary to gain employment. With the permission of the job seeker, the guidance counsellor has access to the individuals’ data and will be able to help them through a modular and individual approach which  will address their specific needs and bridge eventual competence gaps. The idea of the tool is to cater to both the counsellors' and job seekers' needs. will offer:
  • assessment tools (self-assessment of the job seeker on key transferable competences)
  • comparison of the individual's results with selected competence profiles to identify competence gaps (done by the counsellor)
  • portfolio building (for the job seekers)
  • various informational resources (for both counsellors and job seekers) and
  • communication tools (interaction between counsellors and users).
The project is a Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation project which started in November 2008 and finished in January 2011. The guidance tools produced in the project are already available for guidance counsellors. If you are interested please contact Kadis (

Everyday use will show the usefulness of the project for guidance counsellors. It is expected to be integrated into the existing guidance services in Slovenia, France and Sweden. You can find more information about it on 

Sabina Škarja MSc
Euroguidance Slovenia

The conference on e-guidance was organised in Slovenia by the KADIS HR and Educational Engineering, Employment Service of Slovenia, FH JOANNEUM Austria University of Applied Sciences, Department of International Management, Association Régionale des Centres Interinstitutionnels de Bilan de Compétences (CIBC) Nord Pas-de-Calais France and CFL Centre for Flexible Learning Sweden.