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April 2011

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New portal for mobility guidance

Move and Job Abroad are two Leonardo projects initiated in 2009 by the Danish Unemployment Insurance Fund for Academics (AAK). The result of the projects will be two online platforms: One for guidance counsellors and one for graduates.

In Denmark the unemployment rate among graduates is soaring; students are now facing an unemployment rate of more than 30% when graduating. In the light of globalisation and the implications of the financial crisis national initiatives to strengthen the candidates’ qualifications through counselling, internships and work experience are no longer enough.

Move project photo
Project group meeting

Until 2009, the AAK (Akademikernes A-kasse) assisted only a few graduates in their job search abroad. This was mainly due to the low unemployment rate in Denmark at the time. However, as the employment situation of the graduates has changed due to the financial crisis, the need for knowledge and counselling about job opportunities and job search abroad has increased significantly.

This challenge led to the initiative of the AAK to launch the two Leonardo IT projects Move and Job Abroad together with partner organizations from Denmark, Germany, Iceland and UK.

Move facilitates cooperation between guidance cousellors

Move has been initiated to facilitate graduate mobility and cooperation between guidance counsellors and careers advisors.  The project will create a web portal called  which is to be launched soon.

Target users of this portal are career counsellors in educational institutions of higher education, Eures advisers and careers advisers in unemployment insurance funds for academics. The objective is to exchange, improve and implement best practice in mobility guidance and to upgrade the skills of vocational guidance counsellors.

The platform will offer the following facilities:
  • An online training system for guidance counsellors to upgrade their knowledge in international mobility
  • Self-assessment checklists
  • An online communication tool
  • Easy access to information on living and working conditions in other EU/EEA member states and an extensive list of links to relevant authorities etc.
Job abroad offers mobility information for graduates

Job Abroad, a partner Leonardo project, has developed and will launch a parallel pilot portal for graduates offering targeted information on career opportunities in EU/EEA member states, online communication tools etc.

The website for graduates will be launched at address:

Counsellors’ expertise is needed

As the projects are coming to an end in 2011 counsellors’ expertise and feedback regarding the two portals will be greatly appreciated. AAK invites all guidance counsellors to comment on the pilot graduate portal mentioned above, and submit suggestions and ideas regarding the general outline and the proposed facilities.

Suggestions and ideas may be submitted to: AAK, Karen Henningsen, KHE(at)